Phentermine without prescription: Non-prescription appetite suppressant

Talk to your physician - ask your doctor if it is possible to reduce the amount of drugs you are taking every day or week. Give the physician any information obtained from your pharmacist, i.e., drug information sheets that should include side effects or drug interactions. Or, have your doctor speak directly to your pharmacist about the drugs you are taking. It is likely the two of them can work out a more efficient pill taking regimen. Some physicians may feel insulted that you’re asking them to work with a pharmacist on your behalf to reduce the amount of your prescriptions and may even reprimand you for not trusting him or her. If so, find another doctor.

Campral, also known as Acamprosate, is used to block craving. Studies have found a reduced incidence of relapse with veterans in Philadelphia who took this drug.

Some doctors claim they simply do not have the time for this kind of regimen that takes a lot more work for the doctor. Massachusetts is not the only state that is stepping up to the plate. Washington is also making changes in the way that doctors can write pain killer prescriptions. Other added efforts are expected to include urine samples taken from the patient.

In a social psychology class this author teaches on the psychology of drug abuse, unfair drug laws are often discussed. This is often in the disproportionate penalties facing minorities. This is best illustrated by the sentencing of crack, versus regular cocaine. Simply put, crack penalties for one gram equate to 100 grams of powder cocaine. It is also a the fact that 50% of our prison population is for non-violent drug offenses. It seems some of the sentencing laws are unfair.

Combination drugs for allergies contain both an antihistamine and a decongestant to reduce multiple symptoms at the same time. Other combinations include an allergy medicine with an asthma medication and an antihistamine with a mast cell stabilizer. Over the counter combination allergy medications include Allegra D, Caritan D, Zyrtec D, Benadryl Allergy and Sinus and Tylenol Allergy and Sinus. Prescription grade medications include Semprex D, Naphcom, Vasocon, Zaditor, Patanol and Optivar.

An x-ray of the sinuses can help determine whether your sinus infection is fungal. A fungus culture of the nose is another way. Anti-fungal medication is used to treat fungal infection. Some types of fungal sinusitis require surgery to completely eliminate the infection, but even after that, strong anti fungal medications are also included in the post-surgery recommendations. When your fungal sinusitis is coupled with allergy, antihistamines and corticosteroids can be combined with anti fungal medication.